Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Shawn took this funny video of Mose. He let him outside while it was raining. Apparently, he thinks that the rain is attacking him so feels the need to attack back. Side note- I am new at adding videos so I didn't split it. You don't have to watch it through to the end- trust me!


Okay, so I think Paul has already blogged this but I had some cool pictures. The ward had an activity to make quilts. Well, since Paul is on the activities committee he blackmailed us to go. Don't get me wrong, I would have gone but who wants to go quilt at 9 in the morning on a Saturday?

Paul of course had to make a shirt~
The best part was Dad. He was on a mission! He brought his iPod and jammed the whole time

This is my favorite picure. Dad is all business and Mom is trying to fix everyone else's errors (mostly mine)

Alycia and Sierra. We were mess up buddies. Mom and Ginger didn't want us to help them because we weren't "skilled". Whatever, I helped

Ginger was mad that I took this picture- but I had to show the lengths she will go to to "overachieve" :o)
So it was succesful and the ward got all 25 quilts done. But the problem is everyone thought our family was so entertaining that ever since ward members keep asking to be invited to family dinners. Sometimes, we feel like freak shows