Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am a Slacker

I know I have been a slacker lately. But here I go

Seriously, she is the freaking cutest things ever!! I just love that little face so much!

I am so in love with these bows. They are so stinkin' cute (no matter what my husband says) and the lady that makes them- wow. They are a little pricey, but it goes to such an amazing cause and they are so cute!

This was just hilarious. They both looked at us at the same time like, what?
This is Mose's new favorite thing. If she is on the floor he gets down on all fours to play. At least, we hope he wants to play.
She has had her first major bruise thanks to Aunt Alycia. She looked so pitiful with that bruise on her cheek! She was at Alycia's house trying to play with the banister and her hand slipped and she went face (or cheek) forward into it. Poor bubba!

Christmas Vacation

Okay, so this is really long and wayyyy overdue! But the day after Christmas, Shawn Brynna and I, my Mom and Dad and my sister Tricia and her girls climbed in our cars and drove to Florida for a week. It was so much fun! First day was The Kennedy Space Center, then Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and then Sea World. We are so glad that we went, it really was a blast!

Brynna is truly the perfect child! We drove for 2 days, and she cried once. The first day of driving, she cried right before we got to the hotel. That's it. She is so amazing!
Here she is with Grandma trying to drive her cart. Mom started reversing once and couldn't figure out why. Brynna was on her lap. She apparently felt the need to run over the people behind her

So here she is with The Grinch in Seussland at Islands of Adventure. She did not like him at all! Started screaming the second he looked at her. But he was an awesome Grinch!

She fell asleep in her cart on our shoppiong bags. So precious!

I don't know why we did this, other than it was Seussland- which is freaking awesome! I totally fell in love with it! Could have spent all day there

Grandpa and Brynna having fun!

She loves to cuddle with Grandpa.

Brynna was not a fan of all the characters, but I thought their costumes were awesome

The only ride that she could ride the whole trip was the carousel. And boy did she love it! She could not stop smiling and giggling the whole time.

So this is absolutely priceless. For Universal Studios Christmas parade, they actually own the balloons from the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade and that is what they use for theirs. So they were looking for volunteers to hold the stings. Greg and Shawn "volunteered". Which means we volunteered them :o)

That is hott Ginger!

Believe it or not, Brynna is actually under there somewhere!

Tricia was apparently trying to jump up on the car. I don't know either.

I was serioulsy scared of this guy. He was cool and everything with his costume. But he totally freaked me out

We had so much fun and about 1,000 more pictures, but I have bored you enough.