Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Craziness

I so wish I had pictures of this weekend! As Shawn put it, "I don't think I have ever been happy to see a weekend end, but I am now." We had a lot of excitement- not in a good way.

First, on Friday Shawn was working late and when he was home for lunch he let our cat out in the backyard without telling me. So at 9:00 I hear cats fighting in our front yard. Awesome! Especially since we had Charlie declawed in Nebraska since he is an inside cat. When I went out to investigate Charlie was fighting not one, but two cats! Lovely. He didn't come home for about an hour after I broke up the fight, but I finally found him. Once Shawn came home we discovered he had a pretty big gash on his stomach. So Saturday morning Shawn took him to the vet and he had a 105 degree fever and had to get stitches and one of those cones on his head- and $200 later!!! Luckily apparently he was really good for the vet so they only had to give him the local anesthetic instead of complete sedation.

On Saturday night we had Brady and Mallory for a sleepover. At about 2:30 in the morning we heard Brady on the monitor and couldn't figure out what it was. He was having trouble breathing! Holy cow!!! So we called nine one one and had the paramedics come. They decided he had croup and took him to the hospital. Luckily we are right by Scripps La Jolla where Cheryl works and she was able to meet him in the ER. It was so stinking pitiful!! I will never get those big brown panicked eyes out of my head! I felt so bad for him. Here he has 2 nurses as parents and he gets stuck with me who couldn't tell you the right end of the stethoscope. Of course his parents are as calm as can be and and calm him right down. I hope I live my whole life without that ever happening again!

And we rounded off the weekend with Shawn almost getting hit by another car. Seriously like a half inch between the cars.

I have never been so ready for the weekend to be over. Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Busy Busy

We have been having so much fun lately, but oh my goodness life is crazy busy!! This last year I have spent it taking Brynna to the park, Sea World, play dates and shopping. Not anymore. Now I have started college going three nights a week, Brynna is in a co-op preschool (All the parents teach different weeks), Brynna is in gymnastics and we moved about a month ago. Needless to say we are still not completely unpacked. But, Brynna is loving our new house. Previously we lived in La Jolla in an apartment on the 2nd floor, and our downstairs neighbor complained constantly if she so much as jumped out of bed, so we decided to pack it up. We found a duplex right down the freeway that has a huge front and backyard and a little girl next door who loves to play with Bryn. It's smaller than what we had, but also cheaper so I can deal with it for awhile. 
Not a whole lot coming up to get too excited about. Right now I am just trying to keep up with life. But I love taking time out to hang out with friends and my parents are coming for Christmas for 2 weeks which I am super excited about! We still love it when we hang out with my brothers, or even if we just get to hang with their little ones (as shown below)

 I really dislike summer, which I know to most people makes me a freak, but I do. I hate heat (would rather be cold), I hate crowds and I am not outdoorsy so it really doesn't hold a lot of appeal for me. However, there are 2 things summer has that gets me through those months relatively happy. Watermelon and Summer Nights at Sea World. I cannot count the number of times I went to Summer Nights this year. It was magical. I still cannot explain it, but I totally cry at the Shamu show. Literally have no idea why, and Shawn just sits there and laughs at me. I really can't blame him. I laugh at myself when I feel the emotions coming. But there you have it. My dirty little secret. Feel free to mock me.
 Brady, Brynna and Mallory. They felt so awesome being so close to Shamu
 Brynna in her new pink sparkly leotard for gymnastics. She put a necklace in her hair and thought it made her look like a princess. Who am I to argue with her?
 All gross and sweaty from packing, but we never take pictures of us so now I have one documented for my future self
 Brynna on her first day of preschool. I was a little bit of a wreck. I cry at Shamu, so this was not a good day for me :)
 She put the bumbo on her head and thought they were goggles.
 Mallory and Brynna's new play area. Otherwise known as the linen closet. Why do I buy toys?
This week was my first week hosting co-op preschool (on top of all my homework and two separate tests. Awesome). But it went really well, especially the second day, and all the girls are so well behaved it's kind of shocking. We had fun and I am learning the best way to structure things. This is her little class and they are all awesome girls! And I am so grateful to the other moms for letting me stay in the preschool, even though I moved farther away.