Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brynna's Camo Hat

Shawn's Dad was very proud of this. He bought this camo hat that ties in the front to make a bow, since he knows how much I love putting bows in Brynna's hair. She looks so cute!

Recent Pictures

We have been doing a lot lately and I have WAY too many pictures to post so I will just do some highlights.

So, these pictures of the 4th of July were pretty much what was happening all day. There was a lot of running away from the smoking, flaming, renegade (some would shoot sideways when they were suppose to go up) fireworks. It was a sight to behold. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the Bag of Death, but plenty of other people did :o)

I, however, was not outside when my husband decided to put 20 zips in a metal bucket and the zips came shooting sideways out of it and my dad had to dive for cover. What a photo opportunity that would have been!

We also went to Cocoa Keys with my sister Alycia and her family and had a blast! It was Brynna's first time in water besides her bath. She really didn't have a lot of reaction, just chilled in the water. But she did not like when the buckets of water dumped on her had, not one little bit!
She got pretty tuckered out

Her first time in a swimsuit with Aunt Alycia
I just adore this picture!! Brynna loves when Shawn reads to her at night and now she is really looking at all the colors in the books. So cute!

We went tanking (those pictures are below), we were only an hour from where Shawn grew up. O'Neill, NE, population 3800. I have been dying to see it since I met him! I didn't get many pictures of the town but I had to post these of his house there. His parents designed it as well as the landscaping of their 3 acres. I am a city girl and can't imagine not having neighbors, but this had me convinced. It was beautiful!!

This is tanking. The redneck version of whitewater rafting. You get into plastic horse troughs with picnic tables in them and float down the river for 2 1/2 hours. I was skeptical, but it was fun. (And Ginger looks hot in that hat!
This was the van used to transport us to the river from the parking lot. I was scared for my life.

It amazes me everyday how absolutely beautiful she is.
Playing in the water with Daddy
I love this picture of her laughing! She is such a happy baby!