Sunday, January 25, 2009

Auto Show

We went to the Auto Show yesterday with Shawn's dad since we both love cars. Now don't get me wrong- I like them because they are pretty- Shawn actually knows about cars and engines etc.. But nevertheless it allows us to go to these things and me not be bored senseless!
I always thought Hummers are stupid but I sat in the H2- it was pretty sweet. I don't know why you would buy the H3- it is such a joke compared to the H2
Don sat in the Saturn Sky and actually liked it- he is usually a muscle car person-the older ones but I think I am swinging him towards the new sports car side a little bit
My dream car. I will have one one day. Eventually. Thankfully, my money conscious husband wants one too so I actually have a shot. He is way better at planning and saving for things than I am so since he wants one too we actually have a plan to get the 50th anniversary edition!! I'll believe it when I see it but it is nice to think about :o)
Since we are saving for my Mustang (he says ours but let's be honest) we also have to save for this one. Shawn's dream car- the Lexus ISF. Even I have to say it is pretty awesome. I actually really want him to get one so that he does not want to drive my Mustang. If you are going to dream for one sports car, why not dream for 2! Easy as pie right?

Now on to being preactical- my dream family car the Jeep Commander. I really wanted one when we bought our Patriot but since it was double the price we were practical. Not my strongest trait. But it is so roomy and has tons of seating. It is just pretty!
He took a lot of pictures of this one so I thought I better post it. The Camaro. It is pretty sleek looking but there are better cars- especially for the price!
The Subary WRX. Shawn had to sit in it since he had one and traded it in on our jeep. He misses his little turbo charged car but he will have another one one day. He says he could have this or the ISF- but this one is a lot cheaper so knowing Shawn0 he will go with the Subaru
Another picture of the dream :o)

Brynna Pictures

Here's a picture of her little feet. I know they are probably only cute to me but I just love looking at them

I went to the doctor the other day to make sure everything was okay, I hadn't felt her moving around hardly at all for 2 days so the doctor asked me to come in and get an ultrasound. She was fine- turns out she is still breech and she was suppose to have turned by now. They did say she still has plenty of time to flip- and she better because they told me what they do if she doesn't and that is an experience I can live without! So I will go back in for another ultrasound in a couple of weeks to check her progress. But the plus side is I got some more pictures of her. I decided to post a picture of her 3-D ultrasound because she does look better than the last one but I had to show it- she looks like she has a HUGE nose! I just thought it was really funny and cute

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Eve

For New Year's Eve we went to my parents with Alycia and Tricia and their families. Dad got a Nintendo Wii for Christmas and had not played it yet so we decided to break it in. Alycia gets very competitive so she only played 1 game of Mario Kart as it was getting nasty

Dad decided to wrestle with Sam which then cause the couch to fall over. Sam was very concerned and made it a point to let his mom know that it was Papa's fault and not his

Shawn and Dad played Super Mario Slugger and Dad was getting very annoyed because he didn't understand at first that you have to play every position, not just batter or pitcher. Shawn was concerned that he wouldn't like him anymore after he beat him 5-0
For some reason Alycia and I decided to play Twister with the kids. I learned that it is a lot more difficult than it looks! And being pregnant doesn't help your flexibility!!!

Funny Picture

I just had to post this picture because it was funny. Everyone decided to go sledding and Jason was not going without his goggles. Seriously, I think I could just sit back and watch my family and be entertained for days!

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we had Shawn's parents and grandma over for dinner. It was a lot of fun (and would have been more if Shawn and I weren't sick). Here are just a couple of fun pictures.

And just a side note- Shawn and I got a new camera a week before Christmas and so I have about 100 pictures of different events that he took- it is not so much fun to go through and pick the 2-3 to post!

Shawn got me some awesome fuzzy socks for our Christmas Eve gift. Seriously, you would have thought he got me a boat- that is how much I love fuzzy socks!

Mose loves his grandma. He does not leave her alone from the time she comes into the house. She just doesn't get it :o)
His grandma got everybody (including herself) lottery tickets as a bonus gift. She was a little confused about how they worked!
Since Mose is such a little dog but thinks he is so big we decided to let him continue to think that and bought him this huge bone. He loves it but will sit and bark at it for a half hour because he can't pick it up when he wants to move it!

B-2 Trip

From the time I met Shawn he has wanted to join the military. Part of the reason he has not is because of me- I don't relish the idea of raising a family by myself while he goes on leave. But it always gets steadily worse when he listens to my dad tell stories from his Air Force days, or talks to some of the people in our ward that are in the military. Well, this time it was even worse. My dad arranged a trip through his home teacher to take my brothers and Shawn down to Whiteman AFB to see a B-2 Bomber. They got to take a tour of the cockpit, watch a weapon simulation and go in the flight simulator. Jason and Jon killed everyone and Shawn and Paul ran out of gas so I think all of them would do well with some training! Needless to say, his desire to join the Air Force has increased 100 fold!