Friday, August 14, 2009

New Pics

We have been super busy lately - nothing major but just daily life. But we did get a bunch of adorable pictures of Brynna along the way!

Her loving her Daddy. They are so adorable together- she always lights up when he picks her up!
We bought her a jumper and she loves the toys on it. But she gets mad when she looks around after awhile and realizes we are not giving her our full, un-divided attention. She is nothing like her mother :o)
I love this picture- posing already! And only 4 months old. I think we are in trouble!

I posted this picture because I would like some feedback. Everytime I put a headband on her someone takes it off because they don't like it. Daddy, both grandpa's, uncles, everything. I however think it is so adorable and would like to see if it is just me.

My birthday is next week and Shawn is taking me to a hotel downtown- I am really excited. He has even said he will try new foods (he is a really picky eater!) so hopefully I will have some good pictures of that- Happy Birthday to me!!!