Sunday, October 19, 2008


There is no big news on the baby front except that I am the worst pregnant person ever. I seriously think I am dying when I have a cramp or something. It will be a miracle if we have another one! Shawn of course does not help matters. He is so cute- always telling me to call the doctor or making me lay down and getting me drinks. I have a feeling that he is not going to be this way with the next one :o) But I love that I have a husband that is so concerned about me- and he reads What to Expect When You're Expecting every week to see how much the baby has grown and the new features it has. It is so adorable! He is so excited for this baby, but I have to remember that he has never been around babies or pregnant people so it is all new for him

But, we find out what it is in 2 weeks!! November 5th- I seriously cannot wait! So, I will keep you updated on that~


We were at Mom and Dad's for dinner tonight and Maddy wanted to make sure that she would not be left behind when they moved to New York. The only question is, would this be allowed as a carry on?

Then she climbed on my lap so I would sing itsy-bitsy spider- I didn't expect to hear the laugh I did when I got to the end of the song and tickled her. She is so cute- you are forever on my bad list Ginger for taking her away from me!

Scrapbook Convention

I only had 1 picture from the convention- we had our shirts made and everyone wanted to make sure we got a picture in them. The only problem was we kept forgetting so right before bed we had to throw them on over our PJ's and ask some guy in the hallway of the hotel to take the picture. We were all pretty tired at this point!

We had tons of fun and I am so glad that Tricia was able to fly up. Of course, her and Ginger talking and laughing histerically at 4 in the morning didn't help those of us trying to sleep :o)