Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bunny- 5 months

So here is what makes me sad everyday. She is so much bigger!!!

This was her first picture with her bunny that we took. She was so little!
Here she was at 3 months. Still those skinny little legs!
And now here she is at 5 months. I cannot believe how big she has gotten. She is rolling over and pulling herself up with anything she can get her hands on (including your hair!). It is so cute to watch her little personality come out. But boy is she obstinate (nothing like her mother!)
She wanted that carrot so bad and I kept moving her arm to get her away from it- she was none too happy with that
I just thought this was cute- she loved how soft the bunny was. Never noticed it before but before I put her down on the couch with it I rubbed it against her face and she just started smiling! And then she was just running her hands over it!
This I caught by accident because what she was actually doing was flinging herself face forward off the couch. I think next time I might have to do this on the floor :o)
And this is so funny. Everytime we feed her or she goes to sleep she has to do this with her hands. I am half tempted to buy her one of those sleep masks!

I get so sad to think how quickly she is growing but I love watching her experience and realize new things. As much as I would like her to stay little bitty, everyday there is a new joy to experience with her and Shawn and I are so grateful that we get to be the ones watching her