Saturday, December 4, 2010

Coming Up

There are so many things coming up that I am excited for. I absolutely love Christmas and am so excited that Brynna is old enough this year to be excited to wake up and open gifts- already she loves the Christmas tree- and taking off the ornaments!'
Shawn graduates with his masters on December 17th and I am so proud of him! This year has been especially grueling for him so I am really excited that he will finally be done and able to relax!
On January 5th, my sister and I and both our husbands are going to Mexico to celebrate our husbands graduating (they graduate the same day) and I think Alycia is literally going to have a heart attach from excitement. She will randomly call me at work and scream that we are going to Mexico. This should be interesting!
Shawn and I are so blessed. We have amazing family all around us- I don't know what I would do without them, a gorgeous home, and a beautiful, healthy baby girl that makes us laugh everyday. I always have big hopes for each new year, wanting it to be just a little better than the last. So hopefully, next year will be spectacular!