Sunday, June 14, 2009


Wow, it is truly amazing how fast she grows. Bottom one was taken when she was 3 weeks old and the top one is 12 weeks. It is true- it goes WAY too fast.

Thank you to Shawn's Dad for reminding me to do this- I was so busy getting other pictures I forgot to do these ones! :o) But I will definitely do them more consistently now

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blog Update

I did a bunch of new posts because I never am able to remember everything I want to post when I sit down at the computer so sorry it is so long!! But enjoy!!


So being the brilliant mother I am - I decided to get Brynna's ears pierced the same day that she had her shots. It wasnt't planned so I didn't have my camera but I was at Sandie's the show her Brynna after her doctors appointment and decided to just do it there while Alycia got her hair done. First of all I cried when she got her shots- it was so sad. But she cried so much harder when she got her ears done!! I felt so horrible for her. But luckily she stopped crying about 5 minutes after once everyone started playing with her!
Here she is in her new church dress with her pretty new earrings. She is so beautiful!! But of course I am biased!


Last night Shawn and I went downtown. It was so much fun! They had the taste of Omaha so all these different restaurants had booths that you could sample different food and they had this whole band setup. It was so cool and such a perfect night to walk around the Old Market!
We walked around different shops and the booths and then had dinner at the Upstream- I absolutely love where I live! And am so grateful that I have a husband that loves to do these kinds of things!! We had such a blast- as usual :o)

Celine Dion

I know these are way late but in December Shawn and I got a new Nikon D60 camera that I LOVE! so I don't really use my other camera unless I can't lug that one around, like at a concert, so I forgot these were on here. Alycia and I went to see Celine Dion in February for her birthday and oh my gosh it was amazing! I wish I had half of her talent! She put on an amazing show and I wish I could go again. This one is of her encore singing the Titanic song- AMAZING!
One of the things I love about her is that she uses violins so much- I love listening to violins- they are so beautiful!

This is Alycia in the car on the way there. I mad her smile for it because she was getting extremely angry. We left to get there an hour before the concert and it should have taken us 20 minutes to get there- it took us an hour and a half. Stupid construction for stupid new stadium!! There were times I seriously thought she was going to cry. But luckily Celine had 2 openers so we made it in plenty of time. I wish I had known that before Alycia made me run about a mile across the parking lot and through the building- 8 months pregnant!! But it was all worth it!

Play Time!

Another gift from Auntie Ginger! She loves playing at this little activity center and just laughs every time she makes the toys move and the music play! But we have to put it against the wall because every time she kick it she pushes it away!

Grandma and Grandpa Doty

It's not like Brynna is loved or anything :o) Whenever we go out to Shawn's parents Brynna is so spoiled and doted on.

I love this shot of her smiling at them. It's like she knows she has them wrapped around her little finger- just like the rest of us :o)