Saturday, February 2, 2013

Disney on Ice & Pretty New Car

So this is completely random, but we bought a new car in November and I am so in love. I love having a bigger car that fits lots of people and lots of stuff. Love it!!

Heidi, Emily, Cheryl, Brady, Mallory, Brynna and I all went to see Disney Princesses on Ice and it was awesome! The kids loved it and I was pretty impressed with how they played out Rapunzel's story.

I, of course, had to go get matching tiaras and princess bracelets for our princesses. I was so sad that they didn't have anything for Brady, but I'm sure he felt much manlier not having to wear a tiara.

Me and my princess. Grandma bought them all matching tutus- unfortunately we didn't coordinate but they still looked so freaking cute.

At Disney on Ice. I love doing stuff like this, and I am so grateful that I live near my two awesome sister-in-laws so we can do this stuff together. It is way more fun with all of us! 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Christmas, Disney, and Fun, Oh My

We have had so much fun, and of course Christmas is my favorite season! I am that annoying person that starts listening to Christmas music at the beginning of November and keeps my Christmas tree up as long as possible. 

I took Brynna to see The Nutcracker with some friends and she loved it! I love how girly she is

She was so excited to put up the Christmas and is always so proud once it's done

This girl loves to bake. Seriously, everyday I ask her what she wants to do and the first thing she always says is make cupcakes or cookies. So Christmas was right up this girl's alley! We went big this year and made a bunch of treats for daddy's work

We went to Aunt Cheryl's and wrote Christmas letters to Santa. It cracked me up! Brady and Mallory were so specific, with Brady of course asking for a Nintendo DS and Mallory wanted a baby doll. Brynna's list said, and I quote, "A Minnie (Mouse) kitchen, a purple bike like Arthur Christmas, the thing at the store and all the other things I wanted." 

I cannot explain to you how much Mallory loves our dog Mose. Seriously. She calls him Baby Mose and when they watch him when we go out of town she wraps him in blankets and makes picnics for him. It is so cute!

Mallory and Brynna making cookies at one of our sleepovers. 

We were so lucky this year and my parents came to visit for 2 weeks at Christmas!! It was so much fun, but there were a lot of gifts. A lot. This was before Jason and Heidi came over. Seriously, my little house was bursting! We were wall to wall presents and wrapping paper, but oh it was so much fun!

I love this picture!!! She is so much happier than she looks, but I tried for 5 minutes to wake her up before I finally said Santa Came! And she popped those beautiful eyes wide open and ran out, so she is still a little sleepy

Shawn is in heaven. He got a new T.V. (which him and my brother say does not count as a present, but I vote it does), and a Wii-U. Anything electronic and he is one happy  man :) 

Grandpa had lots of cuddle time from Mal, and he wasn't complaining

Brynna took serious advantage of having her Papa here. She conned him into playing all her new toys with her, (notice me and Grandma are not in the pictures. She knows who to con :)

We went to the Mormon Battalion with Jason, Heidi and Emily and Mom and Dad. It was so much fun and, as usual, Brynna and Emily just loved sifting for Gold.

The loot!

Shawn, Dad and Brynna went on the tour of the aircraft carrier The Midway. It was awesome! Brynna loved everything about it, except the Brig, and Shawn loves doing military things with my Dad since he can give him all the inside scoop, so it was definitely a success!

Brynna's first ride on Space Mountain. I cannot tell you how sad I was when I found out she was tall enough to ride. While she didn't love it, she did like it and willingly went back on a few times. Shawn is so excited to have a roller coaster buddy, since I like very few of them

Jon. At Disneyland. Need I say more? Brady's super cute in his ears :)

Brynna outside the Midway. I love this picture!

Family Pictures

We had our family pictures done this December by my awesome Sister-in-Law Heidi Robbins- she has seriously  made me such a picture snob, her pictures are always so amazing!

My little angel. She looks so innocent doesn't she. Looks can be deceiving :) But I wouldn't trade it for the world

Seriously one of my all time favorite pictures. She sure loves her daddy.