Thursday, July 22, 2010


We have been pretty crazy lately. Shawn is getting ready to start his last semester of his master's in August and took his CFA test in June, (which we get the results for next week!) For some reason, we decided to build a patio and finish our basement to add some more fun. I started a new job in March which I am loving- I love actually liking my job! Brynna is growing like a weed and coming up with something new to make us laugh everyday. We fall more and more in love with her everyday! Once Shawn finds out he passed the CFA, he can start applying for his "career" job, and we will finally know if we are moving! Which if we have to,I am hoping somewhere awesome like Boston or London. But who knows. These are just a couple pictures of lately :o)

I put her in a tutu and pigtails and she was loving it! She is seriously such a girly girl- when I put on makeup, she insists that she get some too. She loves purses and credit cards- I think I'm in trouble!

We found her like this one morning after she woke up. Apparently she was still tired, but not tired enough not to play :o)
Paul got a new dog Toffey. You can see them doing this at the patio door and the front door whenever they hear something outside. So flipping cute!
The patio before picture once we started construction. Hopefully, one day I will be able to post the after picture :o)
I think there is only two words for this. Stinking cute!
Grandma and Grandpa Doty bought her her very own chair. She loves it!
"Where's your belly?". She knows
Probably one of the cutest pictures I have of her and Grandpa Doty
Paul's birthday was in May. So we had some fun with his room
Okay, Shawn insisted on taking this very unflattering picture of me. But he knows how high maintenance I am and how much I hate nature, so was ridiculously shocked (and I think pleased) that I decided I wanted to plant flowers. I think he is still shocked
This was in the corner. She found the kleenex box. They were everywhere.