Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

This. Was. Amazing. As one of her birthday gifts, we signed Brynna up for The Castle Package at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Salon at Disneyland. To say she loved it would be an understatement. And I was pretty impressed. I really thought it would be all about pushing them out to get to the next, but they took so much time with her, made sure she had everything she wanted. They kept bowing to her and calling her Princess Brynna, and they would call Shawn and I Majesty to make her feel like a Princess. She started off in the dressing room and got into her new Cinderella dress, tiara, wand and shoes, then they did her hair, nails and makeup.

She was telling her fairy godmother in training all about her favorite princesses

Getting her nails and makeup done

Picking out her favorite colors

They had to start over on her hair because she didn't like the way the hair piece was sitting, so they gave her a $20 toy (the one she had been begging Shawn and I for right before we went into the salon) for free for being so patient. It was so sweet!

Then they take you into your very own photo shoot. This little diva was loving the attention!

They do a big reveal for them at the end, and the mirror lights up like with magic dust and plays music while they announce you to the room

Doing her hair

Being escorted into Cinderella's carriage for her photo shoot. I think this was her favorite part

Then your fairy godmother in training walks you under an umbrella to meet the princesses (where you get to cut in line as part of the package- so no waiting yay!!)

One of her photo shoot photos

Meeting Ariel (again)

And Sleeping Beauty

And Ariel- princess poses!!

And finally Cinderella. She loved talking to her all about their matching dresses

Daddy and his Princess - with the ice cream that she fortunately did not drip all over the expensive dress we bought her haha!

Watching the parade. Most of the princesses and characters blew her a kiss or waved and she would just get so excited, exclaiming over and over that they knew it was her birthday. It was so cute!

Me and my Princess. I love her so much, and I love the person she is becoming, but I don't know when she got so big!


We were able to go to Disneyland with Jon and Cheryl for Brynna's birthday for a couple days. It was awesome! I'm pretty sure Brynna thinks Disneyland exists solely to celebrate her birthday

Jon, Shawn and Brady on California Screaming.

They got her a baby Ariel for her birthday and she immediately hugged and kissed it. Score for Uncle Jonny and Aunt Cheryl!

We had dinner at Ariel's Grotto where you walk in and meet Ariel and then other princesses stop by your table while you eat. Mallory and Brynna immediately pulled out all their toys to go over them with Ariel. She was so sweet and acted so excited

Mallory and Brynna with Snow White (Brady did not want to be in the pictures, he was too manly for that. But he was macking on Mulan when she stopped by :)

Mallory and Brynna with Belle

....And Mulan

....And Ariel

Brynna with her birthday cake. It was seriously the best birthday cake I have ever tasted. It was amazing, and so pretty!

...... And Jasmine

All the food was delicious, thank goodness because I was nervous, but their desserts were not only pretty, they tasted amazing!! Happy Birthday my beautiful, amazing, funny, smart, sassy and kind Brynna boo! I thought I knew how much fun it would be to have a little girl, but you have far exceeded my expectations. We absolutely love being your mommy and daddy!

Dolphin Interaction

My husband was absolutely amazing and outdid himself this year for our anniversary. We had an amazing dinner at Ruth's Chris and got a hotel suite downtown. But best of all, we went and did the dolphin interaction at Sea World, which has been a life long dream of mine! And it was definitely worth it

Her name was Stymie and she was amazing. I got to pet her and feed her and ride her. I wanted to take her home

Shawn riding her

Me riding her

We bonded :)

 Giving kisses
It's only been 5 years, and I don't know how it can get any better. I truly have the most amazing husband who treats me like a queen and goes out of his way to encourage me and to help me realize my dreams. I found my Happily Ever After