Monday, February 13, 2012


One of my New Year's Resolutions is to do more blogging. I love looking back at it sometimes and seeing how much my Brynna has grown. So I am going to do better so there is more for me to look back on and enjoy.
We completed our move to San Diego in September and have been loving it for the most part. I never thought I would come back, but it has been so much fun to do things with Brynna that I did growing up. She absolutely loves going to the beach. She asks me if we can go everyday. (Second New Year's Resolution- take pictures of Brynna at the beach). But I think her favorite thing about San Diego is Disneyland. She is in awe that she actually gets to go see the Princess Castle and meet all the Princesses.
We have passes to Sea World and go about once a week. It is so funny to see her watch all the animals! But she thinks everything is a whale. She knows the difference, but loves Shamu the best so calls everything a whale.
I cannot believe how much she has grown up. No matter how badly I want her to be my baby, I can't deny any longer that she is her own little person- and a force to be reckoned with. While I love the fact that she doesn't let anyone push her around and she sticks to her guns, her stubbornness can make for some very interesting arguments. With a 2 year old. Yes, that is my life. But she is so compassionate and loving, and can find fun in anything!! Whenever I am sad or crying, she always tells me it's okay, gives me a big hug and kiss and gets me a band-aid to make me feel all better. Everyday I am amazed by how smart, beautiful and funny she is. Even more amazed that she came from me. (Definitely gets the brains from her Dad)
Most of my pictures are on my other computer, but here are some pictures from Christmas. She loved decorating the Christmas tree and baking cookies for Santa. Christmas is so much more fun now that we get to watch her experience it. The only flaw in our plan to get her excited about Christmas was, when we woke her up that morning, she thought Santa was going to be there and was pretty sad that he wasn't.