Thursday, October 27, 2011

Disneyland October 2011

Yesterday we went to Disneyland for Brynna's very first trip. She had so much fun and when she first saw the castle she let out a load "Wow!" It was so cute. We met her three favorite Disney characters Mickey, Minnie and Tinkerbell. Most mornings are spent with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while she eats breakfast and mommy gets ready for the day so she was so excited to meet Mickey, she ran in and gave him a big hug! And me and Shawn deserve Mom and Dad of the year awards since we waited in line an hour and a half to meet him

She woke up this morning and told me she gave Mickey a big hug- so at least it was memorable for her too!
We also got to go through Minnie's house and she absolutely loved the kitchen- we couldn't get her out.
She loves to spin so was loving the teacups
Pixie hollow. Absolutely worth the wait! She was talking away to Tinkerbell all about how she is her (Tinkerbell) for Halloween and got a wand and shoes and a hairpiece. It was so stinkin' cute

Her telling Tinkerbell and Iradesca all about it
Buzz Light Year Ride. She thought she was all that was cool with that gun.

And Tarzan's tree house. She has never seen Tarzan but anything that lets her run around and climb is right up her alley.
It was such a great day and I loved being able to show her around one of my favorite places. Next up: Halloween!