Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jonas Brothers

For some reason, I decided it would be a great idea to surprise Taylor and Savannah with tickets to the Jonas Brothers. For some reason, it never crossed my mind that I was actually going. 10,000 screaming pre-teens in one arena. All I can really say is Wow.
I love these pictures of Savannah and Taylor.Taylor is in absolute awe and Savannah is trying to look cute for Nick

4th of July

I know it was awhile ago but I am finally getting around to posting my pics from 4th of July. These are the fireworks that Shawn and I got from Missouri. We always say we will only get a few but then go overboard.

I love these pictures of Paul. The sad thing is he knew something was going to go wrong so he kept covering one side of his face.

I never see Shawn as happy as he is on the fourth. I have no idea what it is with men and blowing things up. I have stopped trying to understand
As you can see, Alycia got a very interesting gift for her birthday from Anne. (yes, that is a candy bra)
We were just unaware that she was going to model it for us.

The kids love the sparkelers at the end of the night. It's finally something that doesn't make a loud crash

Playstation 3

So, they finally came out with an 80GB PS3. We had budgeted for it but of course Shawn couldn't justify spending that much on a game system. But of course those of who that know me know that I have no problem spending money. Of course, as you can see, Paul is his new best friend :o)