Sunday, November 30, 2008

Baby's Room- Before and After

We went on our first Babies R' Us trip and bought the bedding for the baby's room. Here are some before and after shots. The room was originally a spare room/ Paul's room. But we moved him to the other spare room so we could set everything up. Here are some before pictures

I even cleaned out the closet since I stuffed a lot of my boxes in there and then add Paul's clothes- it was a disaster. But now all that is in there is my wedding dress so I feel very accomplished.

Thank you Ginger for giving us your crib and changing table!! Saved us lots of money!!

Still have a couple finishing touches to put on it and I have some boxews in there of stuff I want to put on shelves- once I get shelves and I need to decide on a rocking chair. But for the most part- it is all waiting for her to sleep in. Even though she will sleep in our bedroom first :o) I'm just a little excited if you can't tell~

Oh sure, he looks cute................

So, as many of you know, my dog and I have a love/ hate relationship. He really has gotten a lot better since we got him a year ago but he is still just a puppy. Shawn absolutely adores him and since he really doesn't do anything that bad when he is being naughty Shawn mostly just thinks he is hilarious. And I have to admit, when he body slams himself into the bedroom door for fun- I have to agree. But this, this has gone too far.

Since we built our house we got to pick out everything in it from the cabinets and doors to the doorknobs and light fixtures. One of my favorite things that we picked out was our carpet. I absolutely love my carpet. It is soft and thick and multi-colored so you can't see dirt. I absolutely love it. Mose sleeps at the end of our bed in his kennel. There is a tray at the bottom of it that he likes to push out so he can sleep on the carpet. Apparently, he likes to do more than sleep on it

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's A Girl!

So we went to the doctor today and found out that we are having a girl! I am so excited!! Although Shawn and I had just agreed on a name we both really liked for a boy. But we will hopefully have one next time. Now our goal is to go through all the girl clothes that Ginger gave us and put them away.

We did get a 3-D Ultrasound done and it was really cool to see that- we got to see her moving around and she poked herself in the eye a couple of times, but just looking at the pictures, they are kind of creepy :o) So we will just post the regular sonogram pictures.

We do have a couple of names picked out but nothing for sure, the one I want Shawn is not really that fond of so we are still at the drawing board at this point

Sunday, October 19, 2008


There is no big news on the baby front except that I am the worst pregnant person ever. I seriously think I am dying when I have a cramp or something. It will be a miracle if we have another one! Shawn of course does not help matters. He is so cute- always telling me to call the doctor or making me lay down and getting me drinks. I have a feeling that he is not going to be this way with the next one :o) But I love that I have a husband that is so concerned about me- and he reads What to Expect When You're Expecting every week to see how much the baby has grown and the new features it has. It is so adorable! He is so excited for this baby, but I have to remember that he has never been around babies or pregnant people so it is all new for him

But, we find out what it is in 2 weeks!! November 5th- I seriously cannot wait! So, I will keep you updated on that~


We were at Mom and Dad's for dinner tonight and Maddy wanted to make sure that she would not be left behind when they moved to New York. The only question is, would this be allowed as a carry on?

Then she climbed on my lap so I would sing itsy-bitsy spider- I didn't expect to hear the laugh I did when I got to the end of the song and tickled her. She is so cute- you are forever on my bad list Ginger for taking her away from me!

Scrapbook Convention

I only had 1 picture from the convention- we had our shirts made and everyone wanted to make sure we got a picture in them. The only problem was we kept forgetting so right before bed we had to throw them on over our PJ's and ask some guy in the hallway of the hotel to take the picture. We were all pretty tired at this point!

We had tons of fun and I am so glad that Tricia was able to fly up. Of course, her and Ginger talking and laughing histerically at 4 in the morning didn't help those of us trying to sleep :o)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Shawn took this funny video of Mose. He let him outside while it was raining. Apparently, he thinks that the rain is attacking him so feels the need to attack back. Side note- I am new at adding videos so I didn't split it. You don't have to watch it through to the end- trust me!


Okay, so I think Paul has already blogged this but I had some cool pictures. The ward had an activity to make quilts. Well, since Paul is on the activities committee he blackmailed us to go. Don't get me wrong, I would have gone but who wants to go quilt at 9 in the morning on a Saturday?

Paul of course had to make a shirt~
The best part was Dad. He was on a mission! He brought his iPod and jammed the whole time

This is my favorite picure. Dad is all business and Mom is trying to fix everyone else's errors (mostly mine)

Alycia and Sierra. We were mess up buddies. Mom and Ginger didn't want us to help them because we weren't "skilled". Whatever, I helped

Ginger was mad that I took this picture- but I had to show the lengths she will go to to "overachieve" :o)
So it was succesful and the ward got all 25 quilts done. But the problem is everyone thought our family was so entertaining that ever since ward members keep asking to be invited to family dinners. Sometimes, we feel like freak shows

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baby's First Picture

Shawn and I went to the doctor today and got our first ultrasound. I am six weeks and 3 days and my due date is April 6th. Gives you a little panic attack to see proof of it!

All I have to say is, it better be a girl :o)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Heidi's Tag

I am also taking Heidi's challenge. And I am apologizing to Dad- I know I have to clean!!

The Fridge
The closet ( Yes, that is a red, white and blue, mullett wig for Shawn. Thanks Ginger, for supporting THAT habit!!!)
Self-Portrait. That one was just mean
My favorite room. Comfy couches and love saq and my flat screen. Perfect place to curl up with a book or watch my favorite show, The Office!! 5th Season, yeah!!!!!!
My Kitchen sink. I am waiting for the dishwasher to finish, I promise!
Toilet in the master bath

My favorite pair of shoes. I LOVE that they have polka-dots!!!

I can't currently take a picture of what the kids are doing- but I know she is probably sleeping because I am currently 5 1/2 weeks pregnant!!! So pictures of that coming in about 8 months :o)

And my dream vacation is Italy- Someday!

Mose Graduation

Mose graduated from training class on Monday. I know everybody says I should be proud, but let's face it. It's PetMart. I don't think anybody fails. However, it was nice taking the class because there were a couple of other dogs there that were worse than Mose. Worth the money I guess
Here Mose is with the trainer. She was really sweet and didn't get mad when Mose would jump on her, constantly!

Shawn was so proud of Mose. At least one of us was! As you can see, he doesn't like hats so Shawn has to hold it on him

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jonas Brothers

For some reason, I decided it would be a great idea to surprise Taylor and Savannah with tickets to the Jonas Brothers. For some reason, it never crossed my mind that I was actually going. 10,000 screaming pre-teens in one arena. All I can really say is Wow.
I love these pictures of Savannah and Taylor.Taylor is in absolute awe and Savannah is trying to look cute for Nick

4th of July

I know it was awhile ago but I am finally getting around to posting my pics from 4th of July. These are the fireworks that Shawn and I got from Missouri. We always say we will only get a few but then go overboard.

I love these pictures of Paul. The sad thing is he knew something was going to go wrong so he kept covering one side of his face.

I never see Shawn as happy as he is on the fourth. I have no idea what it is with men and blowing things up. I have stopped trying to understand
As you can see, Alycia got a very interesting gift for her birthday from Anne. (yes, that is a candy bra)
We were just unaware that she was going to model it for us.

The kids love the sparkelers at the end of the night. It's finally something that doesn't make a loud crash

Playstation 3

So, they finally came out with an 80GB PS3. We had budgeted for it but of course Shawn couldn't justify spending that much on a game system. But of course those of who that know me know that I have no problem spending money. Of course, as you can see, Paul is his new best friend :o)

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Shawn just got a job with Edward Jones as a Financial Advisor. We were pretty excited because it is basically his dream job. About a week and a half ago we went to Vail, CO for his Regional Meeting and oh my gosh it was gorgeous. We rode up a Gondola onto the top of the mountain (and I was scared out of my mind because of the height) but it was all worth it. The view was absolutely breathtaking. We had a lot of fun and are defnatately enjoying the perks of his new job! Pretty soon we get to start going on diversification trips so Milan and Ireland, here I come!!!


Shawn and I decided to go to Orlando, FL for our honeymoon, because as many of you know I am a bit of a Disney freak. We did discover, however, that even though we had a ton of fun, Disneyland in California is way better. And now I can check that off my list of where I want to travel.