Saturday, December 21, 2013

Baby Beckett

We welcomed our beautiful baby boy, Beckett Maximus, on December 8th 2013 at 6:54 p.m. in Boston, Massachusetts. Both of us, as I'm sure happens with lots of parents, were concerned about loving another one as much as we love our Brynna. We worried for nothing. As soon as we saw him we were overwhelmingly in love. 

We had no problem conceiving when I got pregnant with Brynna, but much to our surprise it was not so easy the second time around. After 2.5 years of trying, getting tested and lots of praying, we found out we were pregnant about three weeks before Shawn found out he got a new job he really wanted and we were moving to Boston! Needless to say, it's been a great year. We have met so many nice people, and our ward has been so helpful, which has been incredibly appreciated since this is the first place we have ever lived with absolutely no family around. 

Not only did my amazing sister come to meet her newest nephew, but helped us get organized and set up for baby Beckett. I was nauseous through my entire pregnancy with Brynna, and this pregnancy sapped me of all my energy, so I needed help!

Brynna adores her baby brother, and fortunately for us is not in his face all the time. But she does sing, very loudly, when he cries, which "helps" so much :o)

Leaving the hospital. He was screaming and I was exhausted. Can you tell?
One of the MANY hats Auntie Ginger bought him.

And the mustache binky Greg just had to buy, and Shawn absolutely loves

This was is going to visit Santa. One of my favorite pictures. And yes, I am aware this hat (that I bought because I thought it makes him look like an elf and ADORABLE) will one day send him to therapy. I'm okay with that.

And our Santa picture. Brynna loves going to Bass Pro to meet Santa, and I'm always so impressed with how much they do it up. Plus they have crafts and games, we walked right up to meet him with no line (thank you paternity leave! Got to go on a weekday and not a Saturday), but then spent another hour there just playing and wandering.

We are so excited to spend Christmas this year as a family of four, though we could do without the sleep deprivation and wish we could be with our families. We're so lucky my Dad is now living in Washington D.C. part time because he will be here for the third time in January and my mom will be here for the second time thank goodness! Merry Christmas!!

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